03 March, 2011

Stupid Blood Angel Tricks

I got back from a couple weeks visiting friends and family. This means I got in a couple interesting games--one with Grey Knights and the other with the inaugural flight of the guppies. Fun Fact! Battle Missions is a good book. I'll have those Battle Reports up this weekend.

In the meantime, I've been thinking of what I can do to pare down my 1850 list to a solid 1500. The easy way out is naturally to drop the terminators or something silly like that. Or, if you know me at all, you'll have already guessed what I'd do. Of course, I'd rein in the Assault Marines. By cutting the 3 squads in half, I cut about 350 points. Boom. Done. The following list remains:

1x Assault Librarian

2x 5-man Assault Terms
1x 2 Sang. Priest in Term Armour

1x 5-man Assault Marines (w/ Hand Flamer)
2x 5-man Assault Marines (w/ Meltagun)

Heavy Support
2x Guppies (Assault Cannon, Multimelta, Hurricane Bolters)

I'm a genius, I know. No one expects it! That's the Inquisition! It strikes me that the Shiny Silver Inquisition isn't necessarily the most efficient. . . .


  1. Those were some good games. I'm glad you traveled all that way just to play some 40K. Wait, that IS why you came up here, right?

    Regardless, it was a blast and I'm looking forward to our next match... whenever that might be.

  2. You got next weekend free? jk lolololol