17 February, 2012

Blogging from 30,000 Feet

So I'm bored. It's a 5 hour flight across the country, so of course I'm thinking about 40k. Perhaps I should mention that EXTERMINATUS is getting modified a bit. Why? Skulls, or rather Orbital Strikes, got errata/clarifications. Skulls won't reduce OSR scatter. Sucks. I'll still have a couple in the list, but not as many.

08 February, 2012


Theme, theme, theme. It's a problem I'm having at the moment coming up with a Grey Knights list I'm happy with. While I love the concept of the EXTERMINATUS list, I don't have the Techmarine models to do it. I suppose I could proxy, but I'm not feeling it at the moment. I could run Draigowing (Draigo plus all or almost all Paladins), but that feels way too unwieldy and slow. I'd like to do a Purifiers army, but I'm not sure about Castellan Crowe. Perhaps I could do a general mix of Terminators, Strike Squads, and Interceptors.


06 February, 2012

I Suppose I Owe an Explanation

But I ain't got one. It seemed that right after the GK codex was released I fell out of 40k. It's sad but true. Well, it's time for me to start putting together those boxes I bought 10 months ago. Wait. It's been that long? I haven't posted here in 11 months? *gulp*

No time like the present! Time to throw together some army lists and start preparing for war!

Also, happy belated new year?