25 January, 2011

Sisters of Battle: The Exorcist

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So I understand why people insist on doing it. It is a really awesome looking model. A tank that rolls across the field of battle and shoot missiles from a PIPE ORGAN?! Oh yeah. Gimme some of that. Two preferably. Three if you can swing it.

However there is something I need to clear up. Its weapon, the Exorcist Missile Launcher, is a very simple weapon. 48", Strength 8, AP1, Heavy D6. That is the entire profile. No, it is not a Blast weapon. No, it is neither Ordnance nor Barrage.

20 January, 2011

Squall Guppy Modeling Thoughts

So as most are aware, the Storm Raven is up for preorder (I have 2 coming my way, thanks for asking) and they'll be out the first week of February. Someone on the Internet took a picture of the back of the box and it has the Guppy painted up nicely for the Grey Knights. I approve. So depending on how the turrets swap out (or not) between the Guppy and Razorback and how the GK codex fixes the transport issue for Grey Knights, I may grab a bunch of Razorback kits and make Rhinos for the GKs and apply the Lazorback turrets to my Guppies. Or the LR Assault Cannons might fit! Either way I think the air scoop is probably getting "forgotten."

18 January, 2011

New Squall Guppy Pics!

So Ancient God over on Warseer was kind enough to provide some pictures of an assembled Storm Raven. Enjoy!

(I played a game this weekend but I haven't mustered the energy to post the Bat Rep yet. I'll get to it.)

10 January, 2011

05 January, 2011


Combining this with the talk of them "liking their rides" makes me giddy. I personally think if they do it right Sisters would look awesome on bikes. But just having some updated tanks would be nice too. Since they'll be out after the "Summer of Fliers" they could very well have their own Fliers in the codex. But the Exorcist being plastic instead of the interesting plastic/metal hybrid will be nice. Some seem to think the Repressor will get an include in the codex.

Wishlist time?

Sisters Vehicles

Rhino - 10 models
Immolator - 6 Models
Repressor - 10 Models (Make it 12!)

Fast Attack:
Immolator (A variant with weapon sponsons instead of transport capacity would be interesting)
Bikes (I'd call them Ophanim Squads to fit the angels theme that Seraphim, Dominions started)

Heavy Support:
Exorcist (Possibly give a couple different choices of main weapon)
Land Raider Cathedral (Okay, now I'm just being silly.)

03 January, 2011

Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina

Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina is the leader of one of the Commanderies of the Order of the Obsidian Rose, a lesser order of the Sisters of Battle. Her armor is the Obsidian Carapace, a suit of Artificer Armor blessed, some say, by the Emperor himself. She carries an Incinerator and the sacred Rose Blade.

She and her order have spent time fighting alongside the Grey Knights, and she and her retinue enjoy some equipment not seen by many Sisters. Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina herself has an Incinerator while while each member of her retinue has Artificer Armor. Her retinue consists of her Sister-Captain and 4 Sisters-Knight.

01 January, 2011

2010 Wrap-Up

One year ago if you asked if I'd heard of Games Workshop or Citadel Miniatures, I would have responded with, "No. Who are they?" Around March I got suckered into interested in this "40k thing" the guys at work were talking about. I got myself some Sisters for my birthday. After that it's been a downward spiral an adventure. We have in turn dragged another down with us and yet another that will be getting back into the game. There's been a veritable explosion of 40k interest around me in the last few months.

As far as this new year goes, who knows what will happen. The Blood Angels get their second wave, the Grey Knights are going to get an update, the Inquisition will attempt to use the Tyranids as a tool (again) and they'll get a second wave around August time-frame (the Nids, that is), and we'll hear some news about the Sisters. If we're lucky, they'll get an update at the end of the year, but I suspect it'll be more of a 2012 thing. If nothing else, the rumor-engine will start up for them. I guess the Necrons will get some love too, but they're not my thing.

Farewell, 2010; we knew ye far too short a time.