20 January, 2011

Squall Guppy Modeling Thoughts

So as most are aware, the Storm Raven is up for preorder (I have 2 coming my way, thanks for asking) and they'll be out the first week of February. Someone on the Internet took a picture of the back of the box and it has the Guppy painted up nicely for the Grey Knights. I approve. So depending on how the turrets swap out (or not) between the Guppy and Razorback and how the GK codex fixes the transport issue for Grey Knights, I may grab a bunch of Razorback kits and make Rhinos for the GKs and apply the Lazorback turrets to my Guppies. Or the LR Assault Cannons might fit! Either way I think the air scoop is probably getting "forgotten."


  1. Maybe replace the air scoop with channels indicating a 'stowed' position for the guns during high speed flight. I have similar thoughts for making the squall guppy a bit less absurd.

  2. It would be better if the weapons actually did stow as you suggest. I need someone to make a Transformer Squall Guppy!