01 January, 2011

2010 Wrap-Up

One year ago if you asked if I'd heard of Games Workshop or Citadel Miniatures, I would have responded with, "No. Who are they?" Around March I got suckered into interested in this "40k thing" the guys at work were talking about. I got myself some Sisters for my birthday. After that it's been a downward spiral an adventure. We have in turn dragged another down with us and yet another that will be getting back into the game. There's been a veritable explosion of 40k interest around me in the last few months.

As far as this new year goes, who knows what will happen. The Blood Angels get their second wave, the Grey Knights are going to get an update, the Inquisition will attempt to use the Tyranids as a tool (again) and they'll get a second wave around August time-frame (the Nids, that is), and we'll hear some news about the Sisters. If we're lucky, they'll get an update at the end of the year, but I suspect it'll be more of a 2012 thing. If nothing else, the rumor-engine will start up for them. I guess the Necrons will get some love too, but they're not my thing.

Farewell, 2010; we knew ye far too short a time.


  1. So you got any resolutions for us?

  2. Nope. I prefer not to set myself up for failure. :P