03 January, 2011

Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina

Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina is the leader of one of the Commanderies of the Order of the Obsidian Rose, a lesser order of the Sisters of Battle. Her armor is the Obsidian Carapace, a suit of Artificer Armor blessed, some say, by the Emperor himself. She carries an Incinerator and the sacred Rose Blade.

She and her order have spent time fighting alongside the Grey Knights, and she and her retinue enjoy some equipment not seen by many Sisters. Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina herself has an Incinerator while while each member of her retinue has Artificer Armor. Her retinue consists of her Sister-Captain and 4 Sisters-Knight.

Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina
WS6 - BS5 - S3(5) - T3 - W3 - I5 - A3 - Ld10 - Sv 2+/4+(i)

Wargear: Rose Blade, Incinerator, Inferno Pistol, Obsidian Carapace, Rosarius, Frag/Krak Grenades

Special Rules: Adepta Sororitas, Eternal Warrior, Faithful, Fearless, Holy Hatred, Independent Character, Inspiring Leadership

Faithful: Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina grants 2 Faith Points.
Independent Character: Just like a normal Canoness accompanied by a retinue, she is only treated as an Independent Character once her retinue has been wiped out.
Inspiring Leadership: While Canoness Commander Ecaterina Revina is on the table, all friendly units may use her unmodified Leadership score for any Morale or Pinning tests they are required to take.

Rose Blade: A Blessed Weapon that allows its wielder to reroll missed hits in close combat.
Obsidian Carapace: A suit of Artificer Armor adorned with a Rosarius. It is blessed with the grace of the Emperor such that an otherwise telling blow merely injures instead of outright killing its wearer. It grants the wearer the Eternal Warrior USR.

WS5 - BS5 - S3 - T3 - W2 - I4 - A2/3 - Ld10 - Sv 2+

Wargear: Power Sword, Storm Bolter, Inferno Pistol, Banner, Artificer Armor, Frag/Krak Grenades

Special Rules: Adepta Sororitas, Faithful, Holy Hatred

Faithful: The Sister-Captain grants a single Faith Point for the retinue.
Sacred Banner of the Obsidian Rose: In addition to making all units with a model within 12" (including the unit carrying it) of it Fearless, the Banner also acts as a Simulacrum Imperialis for the unit carrying it.

WS4 - BS4 - S3 - T3 - W1 - I4 - A2/3 - Ld9 - Sv 2+

Wargear: Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armor, Frag/Krak Grenades, 2 Sisters have Storm Bolters, 1 Sister has a Meltagun, and 1 Sister has a Heavy Flamer

Special Rules: Adepta Sororitas, Faithful, Holy Hatred

This unit is an HQ choice that costs 450 points to field. They can take an Immolator as a Dedicated Transport. This naturally must be paid for separately.

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