13 June, 2012

Terminator Color Test Completed

So yeah. Quick and Dirty. It was less quick and also less dirty than I originally planned, but I like to think the results were decent (for my work). The belt and chest emblem I should brighten up a little bit with some more bronze, and I'm thinking the "Elite" symbol around the skull needs to be silver. Possibly the same on the belt. In an attempt to make the silver helmet brighter, I used some black wash on the armor around it to make the contrast higher. Perhaps I should make that "hood" around the helmet Blue to increase the contrast instead?

10 June, 2012

Steel Dragons Terminator Progress

I feel I kept my word since I've put together a Terminator and at least primed it and gotten a good bit of coverage on the boltgun colored portions. The next time I paint I should be able to finish the Quick-and-Dirty paint job and post pics. One thing I've decided to do on the next terminator I put together: don't put the arms on until the painting is done. Those things are obnoxious to paint around.

09 June, 2012

ZOMG 6th

So GW has a teaser up that is a thinly veiled release date for Sixth Edition.

23 - VI - 12 = 23 JUN 2012.

I'm ready.

08 June, 2012

Forge World to the Rescue

So I was wondering what I was going to do about that HQ for my Steel Dragons since I'd like it the be a Master of the Forge with a Conversion Beamer. But then I was looking through Forge World and found a guy I'd forgotten about: Valthex. Winning. Also, I'm really tempted to pick up some of the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts to use for my Dreads.

07 June, 2012

Color Test

Hey look, Space Marines!

So let's look at what I've got here for my Steel Dragons. First, I'll throw in the disclaimer: These are a rush job. We'll discuss the first two in more detail after this, so let's focus a little more on the heads.

05 June, 2012

New Steel Dragons

So, about that starting painting again, huh? Yeah. I got side-tracked. However, I painted today! To quote Sam: "OMG! WTF!?!?! Is it chilly outside in Pensacola? Because that's hell . . . and it might have frozen over." Anyhow, it wasn't that much besides a refresher hour ("This is what a brush is, and this is what a Space Marine model looks like."). I finished up a quick-and-dirty color test for a Steel Dragons Tactical Marine. I used a slightly different variation of the colors (boltgun, bronze, and blue) on the bolter and backpack from the last one I finished. Hopefully this is the start of more frequent painting for me.