05 June, 2012

New Steel Dragons

So, about that starting painting again, huh? Yeah. I got side-tracked. However, I painted today! To quote Sam: "OMG! WTF!?!?! Is it chilly outside in Pensacola? Because that's hell . . . and it might have frozen over." Anyhow, it wasn't that much besides a refresher hour ("This is what a brush is, and this is what a Space Marine model looks like."). I finished up a quick-and-dirty color test for a Steel Dragons Tactical Marine. I used a slightly different variation of the colors (boltgun, bronze, and blue) on the bolter and backpack from the last one I finished. Hopefully this is the start of more frequent painting for me.

In other Steel Dragons news, I'm interested to see how 6th Edition will change everything. If Force Org Charts are going away, that's huge for my Heavy Weapon army concept. However, that we won't see for a month. In the mean time, musing on what I'd take for a legit Codex: Space Marine army as the Steel Dragons:

Master of the Forge

5-man Terminator squad (one with Cyclone missile launcher)
2x Rifleman Dreads

2x Tac Marines in Lazorbacks

Fast Attack
Stormtalon Gunship (with Skyhammer Missiles)
2x 2-speeder Land Speeder squadrons (Typhoooooon)

Heavy Support
Thunderfire Cannon
2x 5-man Devastator squads (All the Missiles!)

A few things of note. First is the inclusion of the new Stormtalonweaselfangwing! I like the little 'copter and think it fits well in the 'Eavy Weapons/Shooty theme I want with this army. Before I said I wanted no vehicles and then no transports. Well, that was me being silly. What's the best way to get/move heavy weapons? Vehicles.

Second is the ambiguity up there in the troops section. This list works in 1850 points if they're 5-man squads. At 2k they can be 10-man squads. And when I say "in Lazorbacks" I really mean "with" since I don't really intend them to transport, but when objectives need capturing, they can be loaded up.

Third is that this list is not intended to be competative (BA and GK can handle that), which is why there are so many Kill Points and so little Troops. The army is intended to engage the enemy at 42-48" or farther if the unit allows. The Terminator squad works as an honor guard for the MotF. The 1850 list has just enough points to squeeze a Conversion Beamer onto the MotF. That and the Cyclone is their ranged shooting.

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