13 June, 2012

Terminator Color Test Completed

So yeah. Quick and Dirty. It was less quick and also less dirty than I originally planned, but I like to think the results were decent (for my work). The belt and chest emblem I should brighten up a little bit with some more bronze, and I'm thinking the "Elite" symbol around the skull needs to be silver. Possibly the same on the belt. In an attempt to make the silver helmet brighter, I used some black wash on the armor around it to make the contrast higher. Perhaps I should make that "hood" around the helmet Blue to increase the contrast instead?

Here's a closeup of the Powerfist arm. A lot of experimenting went into this. Starting with the Powerfist itself, I think this is the first time I've intentionally shaded. As I've mentioned before, my Bronzes all start with a Tin base, so I coated the fist with that to start. Then I used my new dry brush (I previously used a poor abused brush with frayed bristles) to apply the Bronze from the knuckles back. Since this is an Elite Terminator, I figured he should get a little more love, so a lightly applied some Gold to the knuckles and fingers. I did some of that same process (sans the gold) to the other bronze bits on the model.

Something else I did here that has turned out horribly for me in the past but worked out a little better this time is this: Washes. Probably the most evident is on the bronze on the Crux Terminatus. I only used a black wash on the model, but it seemed to work well with my colors.

Here we have the right side of the model which is far less lively in color comparatively. Looking at it now, perhaps the vambrace could be blue, or something could be done with the shoulder pad. I should be something with the shoulder pad.

You can see in this pic that I wasn't in the mood to touch the parchment, but I figured I could throw some blue on the wax for the Purity Seal. This view is primarily to show another angle for the Powerfist shading, but it and the next image show off the backs of the legs.

Here we have a pretty straight shot of the back of the model. You can see the bronzing on the vents as well as the washes I used on the soft armor bits at the back of the knees.

Overall, I like the result.

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