25 January, 2011

Sisters of Battle: The Exorcist

Mood: Peeved

So I understand why people insist on doing it. It is a really awesome looking model. A tank that rolls across the field of battle and shoot missiles from a PIPE ORGAN?! Oh yeah. Gimme some of that. Two preferably. Three if you can swing it.

However there is something I need to clear up. Its weapon, the Exorcist Missile Launcher, is a very simple weapon. 48", Strength 8, AP1, Heavy D6. That is the entire profile. No, it is not a Blast weapon. No, it is neither Ordnance nor Barrage.


  1. When you put a Landraider on the table, your opponent says "Wow...that's a nice model."
    You put an Exorcist on the table and your opponent says, "Holy S**t....WTF is that!!"

  2. I'm still concerned that they are going to calm down the Exorcist into a Whirlwind a la Forge World's interpretation. There's just something way cooler about the organ of missily doom.