30 December, 2010

Learn to Play 40k, Newb: Monstrous Creatures

I'm still fairly new to this game, so I'm still learning things. When reading over the entry for the Swarmlord, I was a little underwhelmed by the wording on Bonesabres. Specifically that they aren't Power Weapons in effect as Bone Swords are. So I looked it up on the Internet to see if someone else noted the missing words. I was also suspicious of the lack of Rending Claws for Trygons and kin.

Fun Fact! I'm a newb. So Monstrous Creatures? Far scarier than I thought. They come with built in Super Rending rules. I was aware of the extra d6 against vehicles, but I managed to glaze over sentence immediately prior in the rulebook. Built into Monstrous Creatures rules:

Move Through Cover
Shoot 2 Weapons + Relentless
Can't Go to Ground
50% Cover Rule Like Vehicles
Ignore Armor in Assault
+d6 Armor Penetration



  1. Not to mention that attacks in CC from monstrous creatures always ignore armor saves regardless of weapons.

  2. ... and you never ever assault a MC with a dread.

    Also MC get +5 to "Fire Magnet" because of all those awesome rules (and possibly aided by the no-going-to-ground and vehicle cover requirement).

    How much are you looking forward to the rumored Dread Knight GK MC now?

  3. I want 3. Or if they pull a Carnifex, 9 because you can field units of 1-3!