20 December, 2010

New New Grey Knights Rumors

I'm working on a Battle Report from Saturday's game of my Sisters v. Nids, but Blogger ate an hour of work, so it'll be up tomorrow. In the mean time, Bell of Lost Souls has some new rumors up for Grey Knights.

Of particular interest to me is the "Dreadknight" that has been cropping up in recent rumors. It sounds pretty awesome. Monstrous Creature with "lots of wounds". I'm going to go out on a limb and guess 3-4. It isn't too far-fetched for them to have a Monstrous Creature "walker" when you consider the Witchhunters have Karamazov. Sam and I talked about it and we agree that GW should just use a 3-Up Terminator for the model. Regardless, I want to run 3 already.

It sounds like the progression of Grey Knights will likely run like this:

PAGK (3+ saves, standard stat line, possibly all Power Weapons) Roughly 20 points per model.
GK Terminator (2+/5++ saves, standard stat line, definitely all Power Weapons) Roughly 40 points per model.
GK Paladin (2+/4++ saves, extra wound) I'm going to guess at roughly 70-80 points per model.

All of these can apparently be Troops although you will need a Special Character for the Paladins at a minimum. Regular Terminators might not require one! So far there sounds to be a lot of really interesting choices if even half the rumors are true. I know I'm taking some salt on the "gattling psycannon."

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