22 December, 2010

Blue Angels

Maybe I'll call a Squall Guppy "Fat Albert"
Okay, someone needs to tell me I'm crazy because I'm really starting to think that "Blue Angels" is going to be my Blood Angels chapter. Color scheme predominately blue and yellow. There will be some white/grey/silver bits. Yes, I'm talking about those Blue Angels since I'm down here in Pensacola, FL. Yes, I've already been informed I'm a big nerd.

The above picture is a really quick concept paint on an AoBR Terminator. Regal Blue base coat, Enchanted Blue on top of that, and Golden Yellow for the Aquila and Power Fist. Mithril Silver on the Crux Terminatus and Bleached Bone on the bones. I haven't done the Storm Bolter arm. I was thinking of doing the helmet Golden Yellow as well.

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