28 December, 2010


So Bell of Lost Souls has new GK rumors.

Most of it sounds pretty cool, but I have to say a couple things. First, I imagine the conversation on Grenades went like this:

Writer: "Hey, all other SMs have Frag and Krak grenades. We should give the GKs them too."
Lead Editor: "You're right. You should add them to all the GK infantry."
Writer: "All of them? Really all of them?"
Lead Editor: "Yeah. It only sounds fair."
Writer: "Even the Term--"
Lead Editor: "Sure, whatever. Look, I've got work to do. Just make it happen."

Following this the writer adds Frag and Krak grenades to every non-tank entry Copy-Pasta style.

Second, if the rumors are true, Assassins are going to be extremely expensive or perhaps extremely underpriced. I could see +d3 attacks on a charge. I could see a Space Wolves style +2 attacks. +d6? Sounds a bit far fetched.


  1. I think your version of the conversation is probably 100% true. Guess I better start gluing grenades on my GK termies... ;)

  2. I've just been told by the Internet that there are no editors at GW, so the conversation couldn't have happened. Oh well.