09 December, 2010

Assault Marine Meltagun Conversion

More conversions! This time I was working on a way to make Meltaguns from my existing kits. I have 6 boxes of Death Company to make my Blood Angel Assault Marines, and I decided to equip some with Meltaguns. Problem: the boxes come with Bolters and Infernus Pistols, but it does not come with Meltaguns. Solution: Hack the tip off of the Bolter and the Clip, replacing them with the barrel of the Infernus Pistol and what looks like a cartridge off the side of the IP. Result:

The top two in the picture are simply examples of an unmodified IP and Bolter, while the bottom is the result. The bonus is that I now have Blood Angels styles on my Meltaguns!

And I also put together my second squad of Lightning Claw Terminators while waiting in queue for World of Warcraft:


  1. That meltgun looks great! Did you come up with that yourself? Either way, well done.

  2. Yup. I was looking at the metal meltaguns that GW sells and thought to myself that they look like bolters but with that characteristic melta tip. I figured the Bolter clip looked out of place so I clipped and filed it off.

  3. Definitely pretty slick. Great minds think alike I guess.

  4. Good job!

    I sliced quite a few of the blood angels symbols and teardrops from all of my unused arms and bits to glue onto meltaguns and other pieces from the more standard marine range.

    The new minis are so detailed it looks odd if your special weapons look like their on loan from the Ultramarines for the week...