14 December, 2010

Blood Angels Successor Chapter

So I'm trying to decide what color scheme to go with for my Blood Angels. It will be primarily red, of course. And I don't do halves or quarters on colors with my armies. I've decided that it will be a Successor Chapter with some Inquisition ties (a shock, you say?). I also need a name for the Chapter.

My initial list is 1850 points and is as follows:

Captain with Power Fist, Infernus Pistol, and Jump Pack OR Librarian Epistolary with Jump Pack (Captain results in 10 free points, Libby fills up the points exactly at 1850)

2x 5-man Lightning Claw Terminators
1x 2 Sanginary Priests in Terminator Armor

1x 10-man Assault Squad with 2 Hand Flamers and Sgt with Power Sword
2x 10-man Assault Squad with 2 Meltaguns

Heavy Support
2x Stormraven with TL Multimelta, TL Lascannon, Hurricane Bolter sponsons

Progress on construction of said models is looking pretty good (since it'll be a few months until Squall Guppies are released). Nothing much is painted or primed; I'm still putting them together. Completed models are Captain, Librarian, all 10 Terminators, the 3 Assault Marine Sgts, the 4 Meltagun AMs (as previously showcased), and I'm working on the last 12 AMs (one of which is the other Hand Flamer model). I still haven't completely decided on how to handle the Sanguinary Priests.

I have mentioned before that I'm using Death Company boxes for all of my AMs. I also had gotten a Sanguinary Guard kit to style up my Captain (which barely uses the SM Captain kit). As you can see, I kept the Capt torso and banner, but replaced most of the rest with Sanguinary Guard bits. I removed the generic bit on top of the banner with the nifty BA wings and chalice piece from the top of their banner.

Since I had all the extra bits, I decided to also use legs, heads, and shoulder pads to spruce up my Sgts so they will definitely stand out. In case I want to run several 5-man squads, there is a "secondary" Sgt in the back half of the large squads that simply use Death Company kits with no Sanguinary Guard bits. Only the Sgt depicted below has a Power Sword. Those other Sgts all use the same Jump Pack, torsos, Chain Swords, and Bolt Pistols as the second two.

Finally, the Librarian is a Sanguinary Guard. I won't be using any in my army, so it'll look unique. The current plan is to paint it up with typical Librarian colors but with a white death mask (both on the head and knee) with the crest/crown/whatever silver. The wings will be black while the top bit on top of them silver as well. I may make the very upper edge gold.

I'm almost afraid to paint my Blood Angels since some of the models' details are really nice and I don't want to botch them with a bad paint job!

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