04 December, 2010

Shiny Silver Inquisition VS Grey Scars

Tzeentch being the Lord of Change or whatever decided he'd change his mind again. The Shiny Silver Inquisition vs. Grey Scars showdown was a go! Warning: This will be long.

For today's match I used a list I finalized this morning (I told you I could wake up early enough, Sam). It was a fairly minimal list:

Grand Master with retinue (1 Psycannon)

2x 10-man Power Armor Grey Knights (1 Psycannon, 1 Incinerator)

Heavy Support
2x Land Raider (2 TL-Lascannon, 1 TL-Psycannon, Extra Armor)
1x Land Raider Crusader (2 Hurricane Bolter with Psycannon Bolts, 1 TL-Assault Cannon, 1 Pintle-Mounted Multimelta, Extra Armor)

The Grand Master and retinue were deployed in the Crusader, while the PAGKs were each in the Godhammer-Pattern Land Raiders.

The Grey Scars, led by Grey'sarro Khan on Spruedrakkan, ran with:

Grey'sarro attached to a full bike squad loaded with Melta
Terminator Chaplain with 5-man Terminator Squad in Land Raider Crusader
Tac Marines in Rhino
Tac Marines in Drop Pod
Telion and his scouts (mostly snipers plus Heavy Bolter and a few misc armed scouts)
Dreadnought in Drop Pod

The mission: Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment. I won the roll-off and chose to deploy second.

From my side

From the Grey Scars side

The Grey Knight Terminator only primed Boltgun in the top picture was my objective. The white dice behind the tree on the far left in the bottom picture was the enemy objective. Initial deployment by the Grey Scars was the lone Rhino. My deployment was my entire army. My plan was to leave the Land Raider on the hill to hold my objective while pushing forward with the other two the capture the enemy objective.


As seen with Raider-Vision (TM) 

Telion and his Scouts came in after deployment into cover on the far side. We made all terrain on the board area cover. You probably noticed already that we're back to Planet Plywoodia. We looked all over for the gameboard, but apparently it was missing. If it was stolen, well, That's Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

Top of Turn One

Drop Pods are nice

Rhino got scared

The Drop Pod was about 6-8 inches closer to the LRs, but scattered off the opposite direction. The Rhino way in the back moved over to hide next to the objective after seeing that it had 2 Land Raiders pointing at it.

Hide! Hide!

The Tac Squad off a little. Perhaps they wanted to distance themselves from the two Land Raiders pointing at his Rhino?

Bottom of Turn One

Yeah, it didn't help too much

From my corner

From the enemy corner

Yup, the objective-holding LR just spun to fire pain down upon the Tac Marines. The other two proceeded with the plan. You can't really tell from the picture, but the starboard Lascannon sponson has a narrow but perfectly clear shot at the entire front face of the Rhino.

And used the opportunity

Lascannon: It's got what Tac Marines crave

Shooting for turn two came down to the Lascannons. The Psycannon just gave the Tac Marines saves, but the Lascannons took out the Rhino Storm Bolter and two Marines. There was still no assaulting, so on to Turn 2! Things were looking pretty good. First blood was two daemon-possessed Marines.

Top of Turn Two

Seriously?! That was the reserve roll for the outflankers and other Drop Pod

Pictured: LR nearside, Bikes upper left, Dreadnought Drop Pod in the middle of the LRs

A view from the enemy corner

Close up on Grey'sarro's bikes

The Terminators disembarking from their Land Raider

Grey'sarro's outflank roll was a 4, so was thrown on the complete other side. The Drop Pod drifted one inch into a hill. The Crusader had it's choice of side. So at this point the bikes turboboosted on as far as they could and the LR snuck up next to mine. The Drop Pod was in prime position for unloading its Dreadnought for Land Raider destruction. Shooting didn't work so well. Missed its Multimelta. Nothing else could shoot, so assault time.

Dreadnought smash!

Terminators closed in for some Raider ripping

The Dreadnought stuck its big fist into the back of the Raider . . . and must have slipped because it only got a 13 on its attempt to penetrate armor. The Terminator powerfists however did much better, ripping off both the Psycannon and a sponson.

Bottom of Turn Two

The Land Raiders feed the Dreadnought some exhaust

But not too much that it's out of Multimelta range

The Land Raider switches to the other side of the statue to get some distance

Telion-Vision (TM)

Things are still working out alright. We're still tied for objectives and I'm still up with no casualties--just missing a couple weapons.


I love Lascannons

I really love Lascannons

The Multimelta takes out the Dread's Multimelta first, then I set the Lascannons of the other Land Raider on the Dreadnought for a wreck. Meanwhile back at the GK statue the remaining Lascannon takes out a Terminator. Best weapon in the game. Since my army is still turtled up in their AV14 shells, no assault this turn.

Top of Turn Three

How'd they get up there? Um, they did wheelies. Rocket Wheelies.

They aren't giving up

Grey'sarro Khan incited his bikers to charge on into cover to get at my Crusader. Good luck. All they have is a couple meltas and a Multimelta.


The Terminators had no shooting that'd hurt a Raider, so they just let the Assault Cannon behind them fire harmlessly around it. Then they moved in to take it out!

And all they got was the other sponson

Bottom of Turn Three

A cluster-fu...riendly pack of PAGKs


I figured it was only a matter of time until the GKs would be out of the Raider. So I took the initiative and pulled back, unloaded the Bolters, and charged the Terminators. On the other side my immobilized Crusader with Terminators did what it could: fire all its weapons. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do much to the Rhino this turn but Stun its crew.

Took out a few with the Hurricanes

Got some of these too!

Even Terminators can fall to Stormbolters

For the Emperor!

Top of Turn Four

Coming in for the kill

The Tac Marines, after failing to do anything to the LR with missiles, decide to join the party

At this point things aren't looking as cheery as they did at the beginning. My PAGKs have faith that the Emperor will see them through, however. All those Meltas being pointed at my Crusader, though. . . .

The Assault Cannon finally did something

That's unfortunate

After the meltas in Grey'sarro's squad exploded my LR--causing a wound to the Grand Master--the Snipers earned their points. Protip: Don't roll 1's on your saves! Also, try not to get hit by rending weapons. Yes, that is 1 Wound remaining on the Grand Master.

It could have been worse


And he still has a wound remaining. He took out 3 bikes before they ran away like cowards. That's what Hit-and-Run is for, I guess. Of course, now the Grand Master is useless for the rest of the game.

Group Hug

The Tac Marines joined into the melee and I started making the mistake of allocating the attacks I could have put into the Terminator/Chaplain towards regular Marines. This means the Powerfist started taking a model or two per assault. I did a pretty good job weeding out the Tac Squad, though.

Bottom of Turn Four

I contemplated out loud at this juncture piling my PAGKs out of the Land Raider and surrounding the Rhino. I hadn't moved the LR yet, so I had plenty of moving to work with. Fun Fact 1: If a vehicle is wrecked (see below), all models MUST do an emergency disembarkation. Fun Fact 2: If a model cannot do this for any reason, such as it can't be within the 2 inch disembarking range while at least 1 inch from an enemy model, it is destroyed! So I said, "Nah, I'll just shoot."


We live and learn, right?

Shoot, shoot, miss, miss

We'll call it a draw

If I had hit with any of the Justicar's 3 Power Weapon attacks per assault the past couple turns this would have probably worked out a little better.

Top of Turn Five

Circled is the Grand Master. You can barely see his knocked over model.

Question: What does it take to kill a Grey Knight Grand Master?
Answer: Rolling a 1 against a Scout's Heavy Bolter. Through a narrow slit of a window.

I think the Emperor fell asleep

They waste no time starting the victory party. Vandals! Stop sawing off his arm!

I unfortunately lost three of my GKs compared to his one Marine. That meant my Justicar needed to make 2 No Retreat! rolls. No luck. My objective was lost for good. At that point I only had a Land Raider and 10 PAGKs left on the table. On the opposite corner of the table. My only hope would be to clear the Grey Scars off their objective.

Bottom of Turn Five

I shot a bit with not much luck. We rolled high on the continuation roll, so. . . .

Top of Turn Six

They aren't done yet


The bikes move up to apply some Melta to my remaining Land Raider while the Grey Scars' Crusader gets stuck in the mud after the Terminator and Chaplain embark to try to join the fun all the way across the board. The bikes have no luck popping the Land Raider, however, and the Tac Marines are perfectly content just sitting on the objective.

Bottom of Turn Six

Attack Bike down

I turned and unloaded everything into the Biker Squad (with the Machine Spirit shooting a Lascannon at the Tac Marines) and all I got was the Attack Bike. By this point we were ready to finish up and the dice obliged.

The board at the end of the game

My lost objective

Telion-Vision (TM) one last time

And that is that. End result:

The Shiny Silver Inquisition: 1 Objective Contested
The Grey Scars: 1 Objective Contested, 1 Objective Controlled

Victory Grey Scars!

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