08 February, 2012


Theme, theme, theme. It's a problem I'm having at the moment coming up with a Grey Knights list I'm happy with. While I love the concept of the EXTERMINATUS list, I don't have the Techmarine models to do it. I suppose I could proxy, but I'm not feeling it at the moment. I could run Draigowing (Draigo plus all or almost all Paladins), but that feels way too unwieldy and slow. I'd like to do a Purifiers army, but I'm not sure about Castellan Crowe. Perhaps I could do a general mix of Terminators, Strike Squads, and Interceptors.


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  1. I am a huge fan of a mixed army. My Orks are more that way and I have always enjoyed playing them. I always feel like I have an ace in the hole with that army because the mix of unit strengths gives me a variety of strategic advantages and tactical flexibility as a whole. The downside is that the army's failures tend to be completely my own damned fault.