27 November, 2010

I Have Seen the Enemy

And it thankfully fights amongst itself.

Yes, that's the Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard. I went up to the local game store this afternoon (mainly to remind myself how to play since it's been 4? months since I last played) and watched two players face off with Chaos v. Chaos: one with Daemons, one with Space Marines. It went on to turn 7 where finally the Daemons were tabled, but not without taking out a large chunk of the CSMs. The gameboard alone made the game look much nicer than the old terrain-pieces-on-plywood style I was used to seeing there.

In related news, only one week from now, the Shiny Silver Inquisition will go up against the Grey Scars chapter of Space Marines. The Grey Knights must destroy the heretics. FYI: The Grey Scars are grey because they've been corrupted by the Warp. Also they're unpainted. But mainly it's the corruption.

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