28 November, 2010


Pebbles added for some basing. The toes are red from all the skulls it steps on. Squishy brains.

This force plus two Land Raiders is what is going up against the Grey Scars next weekend. Several (okay, most) models were purchased from a friend of Sam's who was getting rid of his GKs in anticipation of new plastics when the codex gets updated. The center Terminator is the Grand Master which is converted from a Terminator Chaplain. So there's the Grand Master with retinue of 4 Terminators, 4 squads of 5 Power Armor Grey Knights, and my Dreadnought. The Troops have a special weapon each: 2 Incinerators, 2 Psycannons. With the 2 Godhammer-Pattern Land Raiders added in it brings me to 1849 points. We'll see how it goes next week, but I expect good things. Mainly it's because I'm crazy.

Now that I've gotten a sizable army painted up for my Grey Knights, I'll probably get back to my Sisters. . . .

. . . This hobby is going to keep me busy for a while.

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