30 November, 2010

New Grey Knights Rumors

Bell of Lost Souls has a new rumor post concerning the Grey Knights. It sounds pretty tame. More of the same regarding GK Terms as Troops choices/minimizing Inquisitorial units. I've heard the talk of the Squall Guppy Storm Raven being a Fast Attack slot, but I really don't think it will. I could really see it in Heavy Support just like with the Blood Angels and Land Raiders being Terminator Dedicated Transports.

Hypothetical Force Organization Chart options:

GK Hero
Inquisitor Lord
Other Special Characters

Terminators -- possibly different styles like regular Space Marines:
-- Standard Terminators: like we have now with NFW and Storm Bolter/special weapon
-- Close Combat Terminators: options for Thunder Hammer/NFW and Storm Shield
Librarian Dreadnought
Chaplain Dreadnought

Power Armor Grey Knights (at least give them grenades)
Terminators (possibly unlocked with special character)

Fast Attack
I don't like the Teleport PAGKs as Fast Attack slots because 5th Edition treats them as non-scoring. I'm not a fan of just giving them Jump Packs either. I'd prefer Jet Bikes, but. . . . I think the reason people like the idea of the Storm Raven in Fast Attack is because they can't think of anything else to put in the slot.

Heavy Support
Storm Raven
Land Raiders
Purgation Squad

Really I just want the new codex so we can stop guessing. And no more arguments over Teleport Homers and Storm Shields. And I'd like some sort of transport for my Troops.

And then there's this from Blood of Kittens.

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