11 February, 2011

Grey Knights First Pictures!

So . . . much . . . epic. Thanks to Katie Drake on Heresy Online. I'm loving the Dreadknight! It's real, people! So when do I get to pre-order 3? I think it'll be around my birthday. . . . So I also hear they're going hard-back for the book. I'm slightly torn on it. I've played D&D for years, so I'm used to carting around plenty of (relatively) thin hard-backs.

I'd love to see nice hard-back codices with all the hobby related pictures in them . . . along with Assault on Black Reach style mini-dexes with the hobby section and maybe even the intro fluff cut out. Even better would be a combo pack! That way I can have a nice pretty book at home and a "travel size" mini-dex for the gaming.

Update: It looks like I now have a model for a Warstrider.

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