06 February, 2011

Squall Guppy Work-in-Progress, Day 2

Yesterday I showed off the partially-constructed bird with some, uh, after-market parts. Today we add some paint! Some parts need to be painted prior to gluing (i.e. cockpit interior), so I'm doing a basic job on that. Due to the clear plastic the detail work will be slightly obscured, so I'm not putting a lot of effort into it, but the basic colors at least need to be done.

I bought a new wide brush today after watching a good, close Grey Scars v. Eldrad game (the Xenos scum lost, don't worry) and put it to work on the nice wide spaces on the Guppy. I've decided to try priming with Astronomican Grey and it looks like it will probably work out really well as a base for both the Bleached Bone and Scab Red. Chaos Black will naturally kill any color it is put on, so the parts I do with black won't be an issue.

I'm still undecided on the air scoop and turret
I'm just going with Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black predominately inside
It would be really cool to make the cockpit open up (probably by magnetizing). Using the below picture as a reference, I'm thinking the best place to cut it would be just above the aquila (which would make the cut right above the controls) and also above the head along the edge where it raises up to that back portion of the cover piece. Some plasticard is probably needed to cover holes. I'm not going to because it's more work than I'm willing to put in, but if anyone does it and it turns out awesome, let me know!

Base coat is mostly done but still missing arms
I won't be doing a full Battle Report on the game today, but I will likely put together an outsider's analysis of the game (with pictures--I took plenty!) some time tomorrow. It was a good game--albeit at a loser's 2000 points--and it was very back and forth the whole time.


  1. Looks like it's shaping up very well. What's your hesitation when it comes to the vent and turret?

  2. I'm not sure if I like the look of it. I'm warming to it, but I still might replace it with a Razorback turret and ditch the scoop.

  3. Yeah 2000 points are for the weak! ;)

    Does look like it's coming together very well. Glad to hear that Eldrad suffered a defeat.