04 February, 2011

Retribution Pattern Stormraven

So since all Power Armor codices are getting the Squall Guppy*, I present the Retribution Pattern Squall Guppy coming in the new Codex: Sisters of Battle!!!**

A few items of note!

1) Exorcist Missile Launcher! Now with S8, AP1, Heavy d6, Large Blast!
2) Immolator Turret! Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, Twin-Linked Multimelta, and Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer (Measured from vehicle base!!!) are all options!
3) Holystrike Missiles! Just like Bloodstrike Missiles but holy! Praise the Emperor!
4) Typhoon Missile Launcher! Yes, you get your regular choice of Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, Twin-Linked Multimelta, and the pictured Typhoon Missile Launcher under the cockpit!
5) Extra Twin-Linked Multimelta! No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that's an extra Multimelta up next to the front ramp! You can also swap these out for a Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer!
6) Hurricane Bolter Sponsons! No, they aren't pictured, but they're still an option like usual!


*I'm totally making this up! Do not take this as fact! For comedic effect only!

**Again, totally not real! I know nothing of the rumored codex coming early next year!


  1. Looks pretty cool though...

  2. It's so crazy, it just might work. ;)

    Actually, aside from the exorcist organ, the rest looks pretty legit.

  3. But the Pipe Organ is what makes it work! Otherwise it can't fly! Bow to my genius!

  4. I was watching a docu the other day where the subject was an XXXXXL Russian transport jet, they were trying to mount a space shuttle on the back but the turbulence created by the shuttle meant the tail wing was unable to steer the plane.

    They extended the wing tips further out into the clean air to counter the problem, might be something to consider for the conversion?

    Ohterwise, good work! I'd love to see a ton of people using these for different armies in the hopes that GW has to put out some kinda rules bend to give it to other armies. I want one for my Red Scorpions!

  5. As you can probably tell from the tone of the article, I wasn't serious about the setup. I just happened to have the organ from an Exorcist at hand and balanced it on the tail for giggles. I had already put the Immo turret on just to check the size comparison. Since I had gone that far already I grabbed the nose multimelta and stuck it where the lights go and threw the SoB door on the side.

    If I was serious about it, the organ would be a bit farther forward to where the air scoop goes and I'd make it sit properly. Where it is just happened to balance without falling over.