14 July, 2012

Deep Strike House Rule

My plan to watch some 40k games this weekend got shot by a new Magic release. Instead of analysis on the state of the game, how about a house rule based on the 6th Edition test rules?

Critical Zone Deep Strike Scatter

We have reduced Deep Strike mishap penalties in 6th Edition. I approve greatly. I still think this is too much. The test rules only had you scatter if you were within 18" of the opposing force. I liked it. In light of the reduced penalty for mishaps I think the range should be extended. In fact, let's make it granular:

  • Within 18" of enemy forces: Full scatter rules are in effect.
  • Between 18" and 24" of enemy forces: Scatter is reduced by 1d6.
  • Beyond 24" from enemy forces: Deep Striking units do not scatter.

This means that the Descent of Angels rule allows Deep Strike to be accurate as close as 18" away while still being 1d6" within the Critical Zone. Also note that any allies that are not Battle Brothers are technically considered enemy forces, so they make you scatter too. I'd consider reducing the ally range by 6" if it didn't seem overly complicated.


  1. I think that's pretty fair.

  2. I like it. I liked the idea from the test rules, especially as it paired up well with the Infiltration safe range.

  3. I've been burned by the overly randomness of deep strike to totally support this. I enjoyed the take that the test rules had, but I think you version is balanced, and it makes the Descent of Angels still relevant.