18 July, 2012

Finecast Techmarines Unboxing

I've opened up the Techmarine blisters and this is what they look like inside. Three sprues and the base. They were not identical, but I only took pictures of one. Some had more flash than others, and some had bits closer to the edges. I ended up cutting chunks out of the frame for each and doing my best to separate out the bits before snipping from the sprue completely. Some were a bit . . . awkward.

This is the busiest of the sprues. The Bolter on the right was the easiest to get out. I simply cut the right side of the frame off and all that attached it to the rest was a thin strand between it and the flamer arm. The flamer arms wasn't too bad since I could cut through the middle of the top side of the frame and snip some of those extra connecting strands. The last wrench arm and the backpack? Look how close they were to the sprue edge on the left. Annoying.

This sprue is less busy except all those strands coming off the frame to connect each bit. Why are there at least four so close together on each one? The bits are really easy to isolate from each other, though. Heck, other than one snip in the middle, only 3 cuts of the frame split them apart.

The last sprue and all it has is the body and left arm of the Techmarine. The worst part of this one is the gear-teeth on the axe head were actually connected to the frame. This was not the case on the other two blisters.

As you see here, the Techmarine comes with nine parts:
  • Techmarine Body
  • Left Arm with Power Axe
  • Two Right Arms (one with Bolter, the other with a measurement device or something . . . I'm calling it the Orbital Strike Relay)
  • Backpack / Servoharness
  • Large Wrench Arm
  • Small Wrench Arm
  • Flamer Arm
  • Plasma Cutter Arm
I haven't completely cleaned them up yet, but they haven't been too much of a pain so far. I'm contemplating replacing the left arm with a Grey Knight arm. The only issue I have with that is the Storm Bolter, but I may just spend the 3 points a piece to upgrade them for the giggles. I could use a Falchion and call it a Power Sword.

Regardless, I probably won't get around to putting them together and maybe painting them until the weekend or next week.

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