21 July, 2012

Sixth Edition Unit Types: Monstrous Creatures

Chaos' Avatar of Khorne courtesy of Games Workshop

Day six of the unit overview: Monstrous Creatures.


Because the Monstrous Creature entry is so small in the 6th Edition rule book, that means a lot has changed!

Movement Phase

Nothing has changed here. They still move 6" and have Move Through Cover.

Shooting Phase

Just like in 5th Edition, Monstrous Creatures have Relentless and may fire two weapons during shooting. What has changed is what isn't listed: what happens when you shoot at them. If you recall, in 5th Edition Monstrous Creatures were treated like Vehicles for Cover: 50% or more required coverage to get a save. This has changed since all models determine cover by a minimum of 25% coverage in 6th Edition. Also, Monstrous Creatures can Go to Ground now.

Assault Phase

The 6th Edition rule book says there's nothing special about Monstrous Creatures in the Assault Phase! Except three of their Special Rules affect the Assault Phase. Hammer of Wrath is covered in the previous articles, but Fear, and Smash are not.

Fear: at the beginning of each round of fighting, the models opposing a unit with Fear make a Leadership Test or their WS drops to 1! Naturally Fearless and And They Shall Know No Fear negate the test. Note that the Fear rule does not confer Fearless to its own model, so two MCs without Fearless could be swinging at each other at WS1!

Smash: With a Smash attack you can halve your attacks, but then you double your Strength and you have the option to re-roll Armour Penetration (taking the second result if you do). Even if you do not use the Smash attack, most close combat attacks by Monstrous Creatures are treated as AP2 unless they already have an AP1 weapon. The extra attack from Hammer of Wrath does not benefit from this.

Final Thoughts

Monstrous Creatures in 6th Edition are still scary. Due to the changes in cover and the ability to Go to Ground, Monstrous Creatures are a little more survivable than they were. Even though they've lost the default extra die on Armour Penetration, some MCs are actually more dangerous to your vehicles. Smash lets your MCs double their Strength and re-roll Armour Penetration, so you're likely beating in an Armour 11-12 vehicle with ease. Armour 13-14 is a little more risky than it used to be, but you choose to re-roll. Since they treat their attacks as AP2, they get a slight boost compared to a standard Power Weapon.

Tomorrow: we move from scary to frightening! Flying Monstrous Creatures.

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