18 July, 2012

Sixth Edition Unit Types: Jump & Jet Pack Units

Day three of the unit overview: Jump units and Jet Pack units.


Jump units and Jet Pack units are a special type of unit. Or rather, they aren't: the designation of "Jump" or "Jet Pack" is a modifier for another unit type, not a unit type unto itself. Back when the Dreadknight was released, there was a lot of confusion about how the Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter was to be handled. It is a Monstrous Creature, but it could move as Jump Infantry. Which held precedence? 6th Edition solves this by divorcing the "Jump" and the "Infantry." Now Jump (or Jet Pack) is a sub-type that can be applied to theoretically any unit type. Except where noted, the unit will behave exactly as its base type.

Jump units have the Bulky and Deep Strike USRs, while Jet Pack units have the Bulky, Deep Strike, and Relentless USRs. Bulky means that the models count for two models each when figuring Transport Capacity while embarked in vehicles that can accommodate them. A vehicle must still specifically state it can transport Jump and Jet Pack units.

Movement Phase

On the surface, there's no change to the Movement Phase for Jump or Jet Pack units. You can choose to move them as the base unit type or activate the Jump/Jet Pack. When activating the pack, Jump units can move up to 12" and Jet Pack units can move up to 6". This enables them to "jump" over intervening models and terrain, but the same Difficult terrain as Dangerous terrain penalty applies from 5th Edition. Note that Jet Pack units only Fall Back 2d6" unlike Jump units which Fall Back 3d6".

Shooting Phase

Nothing special during the Shooting Phase. Shoot or Run if you like. All of the base unit type's rules still apply, and don't forget that Jet Packs confer Relentless.

Assault Phase

Big change! If you didn't use your Jump Pack in the Movement Phase, you can use it now. This allows you to re-roll the charge distance and grants the Hammer of Wrath USR for the rest of the turn! I covered Hammer of Wrath yesterday, but it basically gives you a free basic attack at Initiative 10. Body slam your foe!

Jet Packs instead don't have the once-per-turn restriction on activating their Jet Packs. In the Assault Phase they can choose to move 2d6" even when not charging. They can do this even if they have shot, Run, or arrived by Deep Strike.

Final Thoughts

It sounds to me that GW liked how Dawn of War II treated Assault Marines' Jump Packs by giving them a charge attack but didn't want to get rid of the Movement Phase option of 5th Edition. I like how they handled it. Jet Packs are pretty rare, so I tend to forget they exist. I'd love to play Tau, but I have to draw the line in making new armies somewhere. Tomorrow: Beasts and Cavalry!

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