12 July, 2012

Ophanim Bike Squad

I mentioned a while back that I think the Sisters should get a Bike unit. I mentioned they should be called Ophanim, but I never put stats to them. Well here they are!

An Ophanim Bike Squad is a Fast Attack choice. The base cost would be 70 since I think they probably balance well cost-wise with Scout Bikers. Let's just break this down GW datasheet style:

Ophanim Bike Squad (70 Points)

Ophanim Sister -- WS3 / BS4 / S3 / T3(4) / W1 / I3 / A1 / Ld8 / Sv 3+
Ophanim Superior -- WS3 / BS4 / S3 / T3(4) / W1 / I3 / A2 / Ld9 / Sv 3+

  • 1 Ophanim Superior
  • 2 Ophanim Sisters

Unit Type:
  • Bike

  • Power Armour
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Ophanim Bike (functionally identical to a Space Marine Bike, but sleeker looking and property of the Adepta Sororitas)

Special Rules:
  • Acts of Faith
  • Shield of Faith
  • Grace of the Emperor -- This Act of Faith gives the unit Hit & Run and Skilled Rider if the test is passed. I think the prevailing theme of Acts of Faith dictates they only last for a phase, so you'd have to use a Faith Point and test the beginning of each phase you want to use it (so if you want the Jink bonus from Skilled Rider, you need to use it at the beginning of opponent Shooting). The next real Sisters codex could use some Acts of Faith/Faith Points refining. You get the same number of Faith Points regardless of whether you have a minimum sized 200-300 point ally detachment or you're doing a 3000 point Apocalypse battle.

  • Add up to 7 Ophanim Sisters -- +20 points per model
  • The Ophanim Superior may replace her Bolt Pistol with:
    • Power Weapon -- +10 points
    • Combi-Melta/Flamer/Plasma -- +10 points
    • Plasma Pistol -- +15 points
  • The Ophanim Superior may take Melta Bombs -- +5 points
  • Up to two Ophanim Sisters may replace their Bolt Pistols with:
    • Hand Flamer -- Free
    • Storm Bolter -- +3 points
    • Flamer -- +5 points
    • Meltagun -- +10 points
  • Up to two Ophanim Sisters may replace their bike's Twin-Linked Bolter with:
    • Twin-Linked Flamer -- +10 points
    • Twin-Linked Meltagun -- +20 points

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