19 July, 2012

Sixth Edition Unit Types: Beasts & Cavalry

Bloodcrushers of Khorne Courtesy of Games Workshop

Day four of the unit overview: Beasts and Cavalry.


On the whole, these two unit types have never gotten a lot of book coverage. In 5th Edition, they were the same thing in all but modelling, really; Cavalry were Beasts with a rider. This has changed and they are split into two separate entries with different rules! While they both still have Fleet, Beasts get Move Through Cover and Cavalry get Hammer of Wrath instead. The result is that Beasts function similar to fast Infantry and Cavalry similar to slow Bikes. They both move 3d6" for Fall Back moves as they did in 5th Edition.

Movement Phase

Beasts: In 5th Edition they only were able to move 6" just like infantry. In 6th Edition this has changed to 12" with an added bonus of never being slowed by Difficult terrain! You may ask yourself why they have Move Through Cover if this is the case. It's because Move Through Cover also allows you to automatically pass Dangerous terrain tests as well!

Cavalry: The differences are the same as Beasts with one major exception: just like Bikes, they treat Difficult terrain as Dangerous terrain. Since they do not share the Move Through Cover USR, they still have to test for Dangerous terrain. Of course, with armour and invulnerable saves available against the Wound caused by Dangerous terrain, it isn't as big a deal as it would have been in 5th Edition.

Shooting Phase

In neither edition are there any particular special runs regarding the Shooting Phase for Beasts or Cavalry. The biggest thing to remember is Fleet allows you to re-roll your Run distance, but it no longer allows you to Run and Charge in the same turn.

Assault Phase

The bonus to Charge distance in 5th Edition has been shifted to the Movement Phase for both unit types. So instead of being slowed by Difficult terrain and doubling the distance, they simply get the standard 2d6" (re-rollable due to Fleet!) charge that isn't slowed by cover. Cavalry still take Dangerous terrain tests, but unlike Bikes, do not have to worry about taking a Dangerous terrain test for Charging a barricade or Aegis Defence Line. Cavalry also get the extra Initiative 10 hit from Hammer of Wrath if they Charge.

Final Thoughts

I think these two unit types got a decent boost from the new edition. They still move fast (faster, probably), and due to Fleet still have a decent Charge distance. 5th Edition: 18+d6" total move/charge distance (6" Move + d6" Run + 12" Charge). 6th Edition: 12+2d6" (re-rollable) total move/charge distance (12" Move + 2d6" Charge (re-rollable)). The maximum distance is still the same, but Difficult terrain doesn't slow them down and they can re-roll the Charge distance. Also, if they don't Charge, they can move faster with 12+d6"  in 6th Edition compared to 6+d6" in 5th Edition. Tomorrow: Artillery!

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