20 July, 2012

E2K: Nuke Them From Orbit

Welcome to E2K, the new 2000 point Dual-FOC EXTERMINATUS list.

You make this FOC twice:
  • 1x Brother-Captain w/ OSR
  • 3x Techmarines w/ OSR
  • 2x 5-man Strike Squads
Add in Inquisitor Lord Karamazov as the "War Lord" to your main FOC and you'll have 1840 points . . . just enough to deny one more Techmarine w/ OSR. Oh well. That leaves you 160 points to give you a Psyfleman Dread, or a non-portered Dreadknight or maybe an Interceptor squad. Or one of those new Fortification pieces! Have fun with it!

Yes. NINE Orbit Strikes per turn. And Karamazov can nuke your own guys to not scatter! So that's why you take Interceptors. Have them zip up into Assault with an enemy unit and drop d3 Large Blasts on them the next turn. Say goodbye to them Boyz or Infantry Platoons! Do you want to take out an enemy vehicle? Get one model up close to a vehicle and keep him at the 2" distance from the rest of the squad. Lance strike your faithful Marine and hit the Vehicle with his sacrifice!

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